Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a highly reliable scanning technology that can be used in combination with subsurface excavation and horizontal directional drilling to assure safety, accuracy and project success without destructive testing or extended downtimes. This technology allows for clear definition of subsurface infrastructure.

It has a high degree of certainty when locating underground utilities and cables, but since GPR detects variations in the dielectric properties found in-situ, it can also be effective for locating non-conductive properties such as pvc, clay and concrete.

GPR can be used to locate and mark both metallic and non-metallic features including: gas, water, electrical and sanitary sewer lines, along with communication conduits and cables. Furthermore, detected obstacle depth can be estimated, and therefore avoided.

Sure Shot Drilling GPR capabilities are offered in conjunction with their HDD/Trenchless services or can be utilized as a separate service for your company’s specific needs.